Ludesco, Festival de jeux et d'expériences ludiques

MARCH 14, 2025 1PM TO MARCH 16, 2025 8PM


Ludesco is a week-end of 55 hours of non-stop gaming experiences

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To bring together meeple fans and cardboard tile enthusiasts, miniature discoverers and kubenbois beginners, long-time enthusiasts or just curious visitors, young and old, from near and far… in short, everyone.

We offer our public a range of over 1,800 games and a host of events: initiations, tournaments, escape games, role-play games, conferences, workshops and much more.


Everyone is invited to discover or help others discover the world of games. Game explainers are on site to guide you, introduce you to new games and explain the basics. Professionals explain games that hold no secrets for them. Lecturers will enlighten you on the world of games. Animations, open to everyone, allow you to test your skills and curiosity in frenzied tournaments or convoluted role-playing games.


Ludesco sees itself as a platform for encounters and discoveries: indeed we offer an opportunity to meet and exchange ideas to players in the world of play, clubs and associations, as well as the curious.

Ludesco is a festival of board games and gaming experiences that takes place over a weekend of non-stop gaming. Thanks to its rich program and warm welcome, this cultural event invites people of all ages and backgrounds to gather in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Ludesco – a contraction of the French word «LUDIQUE» meaning playful and «UNESCO» – is based in the heart of La Chaux-de-Fonds and transforms iconic places of the Unesco city into gaming spots.

Every year, we also present the Swiss Gamers Award! In partnership with the Fédération des Ludothèques Suisses and the Musée Suisse du Jeu, Ludesco presents this award to the Swiss gamers’ favorite game.

For all these excellent reasons, come and join us for the next edition of the Festival at the Maison du Peuple, Club 44 and the CPNE in La Chaux-de-Fonds.

Des gens s'éloignent en allant vers le festival