Ludesco, Festival de jeux et d'expériences ludiques

MARCH 14, 2025 1PM TO MARCH 16, 2025 8PM


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Ludesco is a proper noun, so it’s neither nor, it’s simply Ludesco.

Where are you going this weekend? I’m going to Ludesco.

Ludesco is a festival of games and playful experiences held every March in La Chaux-de-Fonds.
Playful experiences means you can find all kinds of games, including escape games, tabletop and life-size role-playing games, classic games, miniature games, ambient games and, of course, classic board games.

No, Ludesco is a Festival that invites the public to meet and experience a special moment around a table or at an event.

More and more board games require the use of a telephone to play. These games are welcome as long as the video part is not predominant.

Gambling is prohibited in the Festival. You’ll find many other types of games you might enjoy.

We don’t have a checkroom or locker rooms. You can leave your jacket on the back of your chair while you’re playing or at the events you’re taking part in. Please don’t carry too many clothing items with you to the festival.

Yes, the Festival provides bars in the main venues with a 100% Swiss drinks menu.

For meals, you’ll find two food stalls in the street for lunch and dinner. In addition, the Ludesco kitchen prepares snacks, sandwiches, pastries and breakfasts.

More information on this page.

Of course it is! If you can’t attend the Festival on your own, we’ll give your companion free admission.
Please note, however, that the elevator at the Maison du peuple is too small for electric wheelchairs. We can provide you with a conventional wheelchair. Please check availability before coming.
You’ll find all the information you need on this page.

Yes, in particular we’re looking for people to help with set-up and dismantling, in the kitchen, at the bars, at the ticket office and to explain the games. We’re also looking for a few people to form a first-aid team.

You can find all the information and register on this page.

Ludesco opens its doors on Friday at 1pm and remains open continuously until Sunday at 8pm.

Ludesco offers affordable overnight accommodation. You’ll find all the information you need on this page.

Yes, of course you can! Ludesco offers you a system for indicating that you’re looking for one or more people at your table. You can then join one of these tables or choose a game and use it to attract other players.

No, pets are not allowed at the Festival. Only service animals are allowed, under their owner’s responsibility.