Ludesco, Festival de jeux et d'expériences ludiques

MARCH 15, 2024 1PM TO MARCH 17, 2024 8PM

Ludesco unveils poster for its 15th edition

Ludesco, Switzerland’s largest boardgame and role playing game event, reveals its poster for its 15th anniversary edition on March 15, 16, and 17, 2024. The organisers are brimming with excitement after the success of the 14th edition with its 7,500 participants. They are already announcing some innovations for next year.

In 200 days, Switzerland’s largest event dedicated to all forms of games will kick off its 15th edition. After three years marked by Covid, Ludesco reconnected with its audience in 2023; 7,500 people flocked to La Chaux-de-Fonds to experience an exceptional gaming weekend. The event featured over 1,400 games and 80 gaming experiences, all over a continuous 55-hour period. The number of attendees far exceeded the organisers’ expectations, who had anticipated 6,000 festival-goers after the forced break due to the health crisis. One thing is certain: game enthusiasts found themselves at an XXL-sized festival!

In fact, some attendees may have felt a bit cramped within the festival grounds! That’s why the organisers are announcing a first innovation for the upcoming 15th edition: a third main venue entirely dedicated to freshly released games and prototypes still in development.

Because for 2024, the committee intends to welcome an even larger audience! The charm offensive for this anniversary edition has just begun with the unveiling of the new poster. Created by Laurent Jospin, it illustrates the creative richness of the gaming universe. Game pieces of all shapes invite you to immerse yourself in the world of entertainment. Brightly colored pencils are carefully arranged nearby, ready to be seized by creative minds ready to take action!

The colored pencil drawings adorning the poster tell the harmonious fusion between play and creativity. Each hand-drawn line represents a connection between the joy of gaming and the inventiveness displayed by the gaming world. These sketches exude an atmosphere of conviviality and imagination, reminding festival-goers that Ludesco is much more than just a gaming event. It is a celebration of creativity in all its forms, a city pulsating with gaming experiences, a thoughtful event, and a space for tolerance, inclusion, sharing, and encounters.

Whether you’re a boardgame enthusiast seeking new discoveries, a passerby, an artist eager to explore new creative horizons, or simply someone looking for a unique immersive experience, the 15th edition of the Ludesco Festival promises an unforgettable adventure where the boundaries between play and art blur to offer an infinite number of possibilities. The programme will be unveiled next January.Until then, the nearly 40 people who make up the organising committee will return to their drawing boards to bring an event that will undoubtedly leave an indelible mark. Save the dates: March 15, 16, and 17, 2024.